StringShot – Blues and Latin is a new collaboration of three artists: Roy Rogers (slide guitar/vocal), Badi Assad (guitar/vocal) and Carlos Reyes (violin/stringed harp).

Joining together to form a musical “tour-de-force”, Rogers, Assad and Reyes blend their artistry and talent to create a new synthesis of cross-cultural music with Latin roots, Jazz blooms and Blues undertones.  All virtuosos in their own right – these artists have created  a collaborative sound that is all their own. StringShot, the self-titled debut album, is available now!

The vocals of Badi Assad (and vocal percussion) propel the music to another level; joined with the superb stringed harp/violin of Carlos Reyes and the masterful slide guitar of Roy Rogers, StringShot deserves to be listened to - tune in.

 Roy Rogers is one of the world’s great slide guitarists – an 8 time Grammy-nominated producer and recording artist – renowned for his live performances around the world as well as his collaborations with John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt and Ray Manzarek, among others.

Badi Assad (from Brazil) was ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the world’s great guitarists. Classically trained, she has received numerous international awards in her prolific career. As a vocalist and percussionist, she is a true innovator, not only in technique but in performance. She has appeared in a variety of musical settings – from classical concerts with The Assad Brothers to jazz festivals with Pat Metheny and Larry Coryell.

Carlos Reyes is well known for his supreme virtuosity, not only on the violin but on the Paraguayan stringed harp. Classically trained as well, he has performed in many diverse genres of music worldwide – with his own band, in symphonies and featured with such artists as Steve Miller and Arturo Sandoval. 

This unique collaboration takes listeners to an exciting new musical realm that translates beautifully from studio recording to live performance.